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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia:
Rarely or little known; unusual; uncommon; strange; wonderful.
n. A wonder; a marvel.

Tiny Bunny
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miss underwear tuesday!
i feel like i haven’t submitted in forever! luckily, i got this shot literally like half an hour ago. when i saw it i thought of you. it has underwear and it’s tuesday! it’s fate! this was totally accidental. since i don’t have a tripod i was trying to find places to set my camera. i like that you can tell that i set it on a bush and you can spot my dress hanging in the tree behind me. i think it looks like someone is peeking through the bushes to see me. i rarely wear pink but it was so warm and springy out today that i couldn’t resist. have a wonderful evening and i hope you’re doing well!
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catching the last bit of sun and playing with frames.
Do any of you go to the University of Essex??


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Model: Kat